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Recording Artist TW1TCH Is debuting his new clothing Line On The Abler Read it, share it! Show it some love!

Recording artist, recovering opiate addict turned activist, TW1TCH, has a brand-new title to add to his list of growing accomplishments - Clothing designer. That’s right, TW1TCH has a brand-new line of apparel coming your way very soon called, ET Clothing Company. He and his business partner, Mike Chismar, came up with the idea together as well as the designs. This clothing line is a new way for TW1TCH to stay connected to his fans, as well as continue his message of hope and recovery. To help remind people that you can come out the other side of whatever darkness you’re facing and become a better, stronger version of yourself. It is a message that reminds people that you can recover; that you can overcome it. For more information on TW1TCH’s New venture, please feel free to read and share this article. You can also fine ET clothing line on Instagram @etclothingcompany and on  Facebook: Where they are inspiring everyone to elevate to their highest…

NEW INTERVIEW: How Kelly Douglas Takes The Adversity In Her Life And Creates a Win For Herself

- Please take a few moments to introduce yourself to The Abler community. Who you are/what you do/and conditions you have (If you feel comfortable.)
Hi!  My name is Kelly Douglas, and I’m a respite care worker for clients with disabilities.  I also write freelance on the side, which is a dream come true.  I happen to be living with mild cerebral palsy, anxiety, and depression.

- What was it like for you growing up with a disability as complex as cerebral palsy?
Growing up with cerebral palsy was pretty much as complicated as it sounds, which is to say it was a fairly significant challenge.  The most difficult part of my mild hemiplegia CP was transitioning from being visibly physically disabled to no longer looking stereotypically disabled.  (Disability does not have a look; I had CP the whole time!)  In elementary school, I wore a leg brace, so it was fairly obvious that I had some kind of disability, but by the time I reached junior high and no longer needed the brace, the comments, po…

Exciting News: My debut blog post with Telcom Tool Box Is Here!!!

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to update everyone On some very exciting new. My work with The Abler is highlighted in my debut post with Telcom Tool Box. A blog/ and online resources for people with disabilities. And I reached out asking if I could be involved. This is an awesome opportunity for me on all fronts including for the work that I do here with  The Abler. Thank you all for your support, involvement, encouragement, and love. Please Feel free to share this post to help me spread the word about The Abler even further! Sharing is caring! Have a great day everyone, and happy reading!

IMPERFECT By POPS: The Power Of a # With a Message No One Should Ignore

For those who haven't seen you in the media, can you tell us what prompted you to start #Imperfectbypop?

Raising a child with a disability comes with a range of ups and downs, challenges, heartaches, but most importantly... love! When your child is affected by a disability, everyone is impacted in some way. From siblings to grandparents, aunts, uncles... you name it... it definitely takes a village to raise a child. 

The responsibility of a parent of a child with special needs can be daunting and overwhelming... especially with the lack of resources available to help parents, family members or foster parents raising these children.

After searching high and low, in state and out, my husband Carlos and I decided that as Jayden's parents, it was our responsibility to raise the bar when it came to special needs awareness. All children with special needs are a gift, but our Jayden is nothing short of our angel! He is so outgoing, funny and optimistic... and very very smart! Don’t ever…

A Look At Scoliosis. (With a featured interview.)

Authors Note: I am in no way a medical professional of any kind, and I highly discourage self-diagnosing. Please consult with a  trusted medical professional if you feel you, or someone who knows has this condition or any other serious medical condition. Thank you, founder, Jessica 

Scoliosis: The sideways curvature of the spine that occurs during a growth spurt, just before puberty. Known to be caused by medical conditions like Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy. But for the most part, the cause of most scoliosis is unknown. People of all ages can get this condition, However, it usually occurs In children between the ages of (10-12) as well as in your teens. Girls are more commonly know to get this type of Scoliosis than boys. This is the most common form of the condition. 
Most cases of scoliosis are mild, however, some children with this condition do form deformities that can and do continue to get more severe as they grow. For those with severe cases, it can be debilitating. For …