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Dese’Rae Lynn Stage: Changing How We Look At And Talk About Mental Health

Dese’Rae Lynn Stage: Changing How We Look At And Talk About Mental Health
 I first came upon Dese’Rae and her work completely by accident. I was on Facebook one day in May, a live video was streaming and it happened to be of Dese’Rae. I was instantly intrigued. It was a video series that The Mighty was doing on mental health awareness. I contacted her on Facebook the next day and asked her if she’d be willing to do an interview. She agreed.      After several emails back and forth I had the pleasure of speaking with Dese’Rae during a live Google hang out on the afternoon of July 18, 2017. The plan was to record the Google hang out and then it would immediately upload to Youtube, where I could share the video with all of you. Unfortunately, “technical difficulties” occurred, and the interview did not record. 
As a result, Dese’Rae and I agreed upon a written piece instead. Before I jump right in here, I know a lot of you might be reading this and thinking,”why are you talking about this i…

Interview with Rapper TW1TCH: Recovering addict, and advocate wants you to know we do overcome

"My doctor was my first Dealer." TW1TCH

Authors Note: Addiction is one powerful battle. that being said, not everyone will become addicts because of pain pills. Some do not have a choice when taking them. Everyone is different, and struggle with different things in life. Whatever it is you can get to the other side of it. If you're struggling please don't be ashamed or afraid to reach out. We are not perfect; we are human. And it is more than okay to ask for help if you are in need of it. Founder, Jessica 
Buffalo Native Stephen Fogarty, A.K.A TW1TCH, Recovering Opioid addict. L8 Productions/ The indie Visuals/ Hip-hop artist with a message that you can come out of the other side of addiction. Traveling across the country to you get the message of recovery out. He has performed at Buffalo at Music Of Art. Twitch recently celebrated 3 years of sobriety, and for him, making music reminds him that people are listening and that he is not alone in his journey of recovery.…

My Interview with Jon Jorgenson, Using his gift for God's word to reach today's younger generation

Authors Note: I chose to reach out to Jon not because he and I share the same passion for poetry, or because we both have a strong sense of passion, love, and faith in God. But because he uses his gifts to reach out to today's younger generation and gets them to think/talk about the challenges and pressures their facing growing up without fear or judgment put upon them. Everything from relationships, to career choices, and body image. ECT. I hope the readers find it not only enjoyable but helpful. And Jon personally wishes that you (the readers) of the blog come away from not only feeling blessed but being blessed in the days that follow. Writer/Founder, Jessica 
Jon is Taking his love for the spoken word and preaching God’s word, and turning it, into a message of relevance and hope for today’s younger generation. "Our God is in the business of bringing something out of nothing.” Jon Jorgensen.
Jon Jorgenson is a former Broadway actor turned author/poet/speaker. A Chicago nat…

Vocational Rehab Services And Transportation Options For Those In The Community Needing Resources And More!

Authors Note: The following Post also has my personal opinion about the Vocational Rehab Services Experience. Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Transportation Services-The truth is in the fine print. 
(Finished draft)
**Authors note: Services and Outcomes vary for each individual. It also depends on the state you live in, and the guidelines the said agency/service may have to follow by law.** 

Okay here is the brutal truth. If you’re a person with a physical disability and are seeking employment whether it is straight out of high school or not. You’re in for a long wait. While I know it’s different for every person when they’re introduced to VRS. My biggest issues with the services they provide are the lack of communication and the lack of knowledge they have about the life of a disabled person who lives by the rule of universal design. That for us is more than just a blueprint for buildings, but rather a blueprint for the disabled person(s) and their families. 
    In 2001, I had pl…