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THE FOLLOWING IS A POST WRITTEN BY MY SISTER STEPHANIE, A 5 YEAR CHRONIC CLUSTER SUFFER. I figured this was overdue, so here's my plea to all of you. Take a moment and give it a read and share for me (call it an early birthday present): Cluster Headaches. Please take a moment and research this condition (quick YouTube and/or Google search). I have been a chronic cluster headache sufferer for about 5 years now. This is THE MOST painful condition known to mankind. This is in no way an exaggeration and can not even remotely be compared to a migraine. As a chronic migraine suffer as well, I can say this without any doubt. I have anywhere from 3 to 5 attacks EVERY day. I am afraid to go to sleep every night because I know this beast will attack without warning and without mercy. I went to school and graduated with my BS from NYU-Poly and went on to receive my MS and graduate as Valedictorian from Full Sail University. This condition has left me exhausted and in chronic pain every…

The American Disability ACT- How it works, and who it helps

Since my last post on the ADA struck such a chord with many of you. I thought I'd post the following info I found online. To help anyone who may need a better understanding of the ADA, and what it does, whom it helps ETC. If you go further into the site it will take you to the amendments made to the act. I hope this helps, and educates anyone who may think, and or treat this law as invisible. The rights of the disability community need to be seen as civil rights. Because whether the general public think so or not the disabled community are civilians just like those w/o disabilities are. - Be well everyone


Hi all, Earlier this morning, while on facebook, I came across a video that a fellow advocate and facebook friend of mine put up, As I watched this video it absolutely broke my heart, listening to her talk about how she basically landed her dream job, and not get it in the end based on the fact that the employer made the assumption that she was physically unable to do the said position because she has a disability. While this broke my heart,it also angered me. The American Disability Act (ADA) was made for situations like this. Here it is 2016, and we're still fighting for our cicvil rights, yes I said civil rights because to me disabilities rights ARE civil rights. For all the strides that society takes in their attempts to make us feel a part of society, while the intention is a good start it is NOT enough. We are more Then a hashtag, or sixty second sound bite in a political endorsement. We are people and deserve any equal opportunity in this world like anyone else. Does it …

World CP Day 2016 is coming...Did you know?