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Our Newest Topic Show For The Many Faces Of The Abled Podcast: Ableism

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In July of 2019, Mrs. Bartlette Became engaged and soon after went to the ER with chronic pain that was caused by nerve damage. She decided to write this guide in support of disabled/chronically ill/pained couples who deserve to be seen and not segregated to the small of a corner in the world digital or otherwise. Mrs. Bartlette shares that the term, “spoonie” comes from the essay by Christine Miseraindino called, “The Spoon Theory.” This is where someone with a chronic illness and or pain has to “ration” their physical energy by gauging what activities they could complete by using the pain scale of ten” your spoons” for that day. This may seem like a silly theory to someone who doesn’t have to live with a chronic illness or disability that causes the person intense physical pain. This “theory” is a tool of sorts that many use to help them avoid a flare-up of symptoms, and burnout for them. In all honesty, this theory becomes part of the lifestyle for someone who lives with a

An Important Announcement About Our Ezine

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday! Our Ezine, The Many Faces Of The Abled will be undergoing some major changes. Including going with a diffiernt platfrom to create it. The goal is to have it back in action and available to read and download on a monthly basis again by the Fourth Of July holiday. Thank you all for your patience. The Founder Of The Abler- Jessica Niziolek

New Monthly Topic For April Dwarfism

April’s Topic For The Abler Blog: Dwarfism Resource: Author Note: I am in no a professional of any kind. I am strongly against self-diagnosis, and encourage my audience to please seek the professional advice of their own trusted medical professional and any other trusted professional depending on the topic at hand. The Abler Blog ONLY PROVIDES LIMITED GENERAL INFORMATION, and ALWAYS CITES WHERE THEY FIND THEIR RESOURCES AND OR INFORMATION. Jessica Niziolek, Founder Of The Abler Blog, and online community. What is dwarfism? It means to be short in stature. Typically the average height for someone with this condition is: four feet, ten inches or less. Because there are several different health conditions that are link to dwarfism so this condition is broken down into 2 catogories. Disproportionate dwarfism. If body size is disproportionate, some parts of the body are small, and others are of average size or above-average size. Disorders causing disproportio

Our New Interview With Best-Selling Author Cait Marie Is Now Live!

ntroduction: In Our April Edition Of The Many Faces Of The Abled the E-zine. We chat with Author Cait Marie. We talk about everything from books, characters, movies, music, and the unique challenges she might face being an accomplished writer/editor/graphic designer. Question One: Hello, Cait. Welcome to the magazine! Please introduce yourself to our readers. Hello! First thing you should know is I’m awful at introductions. I never know what to include. I’m a multi-genre author, editor, book blogger, and more. The book community has been my home for the past few years, and I absolutely love it. Stories have always been an important part of my life, but I actually hated writing until about five years ago when I started a fiction book out of boredom. I have a BA in Forensic Psychology and am currently working toward an MFA in Creative Writing. I live in Indiana and work from home, writing and offering a variety of author services. I own and manage the website Functionally Fict

Please Welcome Stephanie Debes Founder Of The Makeup On Wheels Foundation & Life In Wheels To The Abler Family!

You can check out her work here: The Makeup On wheels Foundation The Makeup On Wheels Foundation will also be listed as a resource on the blog as well! Thank you stephanie for allowing us to connect, and may thia be the start of a wonderful partnership/friendship! Jessica, Founder Of The Abler

Host A Show With Me!

We are now taking requests for co-hosting duties on our show, The Many Faces Of The Abled Podcast. on the blog itself, you will find the form entitled, Co-Host With Me. Please beaware we do not discuss straightforward ploitical or regleious based topics. Once Jessica recieves the completed form she will then tell you whether or not you will be working together. Please also beaware that this stands for both theme shows, and now theme shows. If you have any futher questions,you can e-mail Jessica, or private message Jessica directly through the platform itself. I look forword to working with you! -Jessica