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The Debut Of The Many Faces Of The Abled POD CAST IS COMING!!!

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March 1st- Why not kick of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month with The Abler's Video Series Debut!

Today not only marks the first day Of Cerebral Palsy Month but it also officially kicks off The Abler: Official Group For The Abler Blog video series, The Many Faces Of The Abled! I want to give a huge Thank you to Molly Spence For being the very first contributor to the series. You did a great job Molly, thank you so much for being part of the abler family. We are still actively looking for contributors to fill spots for August and so forth. Contact me via, The Abler Blog if you'd like to contribute to the series. Simply search The abler blog on Facebook. Founder, Jessica

Recovering Addict, and Recording Artist TW1TCH has his Eyes set on spreading his message, of "we do recover" even further By teaming up with Nick Morgan, From Crush The Epidemic

I first came across rapping artist TW1TCH in 2016  and I instantly wanted to work with him, and get his message of “we do recover.” Out there on my blog, The Abler. TW1TCH is a recovering opiate addict. With four years of sobriety under his belt. Recently, TW1TCH publicly came out to his fans and those he works closely with that he uses marijuana to help with his anxiety.  As a result of that TW1TCH has lost all his endorsements, as well his spot on the No More Heroin Tour. And once I found this out Immediately reached out to him. Asking, how I could help. 
    While I know that some may not agree with the use of marijuana, or you may say that I am glorifying drug use. I assure I am not. I am simply supporting someone one in their personal decision, to be honest with those around him. The following is a collaborated piece, TW1TCH, and Nick Morgan, founder of Crush The Epidemic. Have come together to share with all of you what brought them together, You can find both TW1TCH, and Nick’s …

Why The Great Debate? Why I am For Legalizing Medical Marijuana. (Cannabis.)

Why The Great Debate? Why I am For Legalizing Medical Marijuana. (Cannabis.)

Author’s Note: I am not a professional of any kind. This piece on medical marijuana, while there as some facts, and stats in it, this is largely a piece that is based on my own personal opinion on the topic of why I am for the use of medical marijuana.

Let us start from the beginning. What is Medical Marijuana? The term: Medical Marijuana is simple. Using the plant in its entirety (which is unprocessed) or using its basic extracts to treat illness or other conditions. Currently, there are 29 states that have legalized medical marijuana. This includes Washington, DC. 
The debate from those against the use of marijuana in the medical field by means of medicine is that is not FDA approved, can possibly lead to infertility issues, cause damage the immune system and brain. As well as lead to recreational use. The FDA itself, however, has not approved marijuana to be a safe and or effective drug. Saying that an untest…

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: It's Not simply about being tired. It is a life-altering neurological condition that too many are suffering from.

One day while watching TED talks on YouTube I came across Jennifer. Brea’s video.  And from the moment she starting speaking I thought, “oh my God, this is exactly what we’re dealing with trying to get people to pay attention to Steph’s cluster headaches.” And as I began to watch and listen to her story further I was soon in tears.  The amount of absolute hell CFS/M.E. puts a person affected by the condition and their loved ones through is absolutely heartbreaking to hear.

    And here it is 2018, and we’re fighting for those dealing with chronic invisible illnesses to be taken seriously and to investigate, and fund countless of medical conditions that affect thousands upon thousands-even billions of people every day. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome AKA, ( Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.) Is so much more than just being tired. It is a battle that is being fought by 250,000 people in the UK, and about 17-24 million people worldwide.

The first outbreak of CFS/M.E. was in the 1980's. And the que…

Big things are happening in 2018!

Huge News! First, The Abler Video Series, The Many Faces is NOW taking submissions! You can read the general rules over at The Official Facebook Group For The Abler Blog. I am also currently working on expanding The Abler "brand" with ideas for promotional products. As well as The Abler's own Website! (Still under construction.) I will also be taking inquiries for interviews and other professional endeavors starting in the spring of 2018! So if you know of anyone who works closely with the disability/chronic illness/pain communities, or has a topic or works with an organization that you feel is a good fit for what I am doing with The Abler, let's connect! Contact me using the form on the blog, or search: the Abler Blog on FB. Currently, i am working on notes and research for  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. And that will hopefully be live on the blog in the next week or so! My debut piece with The Abilities Expo is coming to you guys soon! And I am now up and running w…

Rett Syndrome

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! As promised, here is the info on Rett Syndrome. I put the chart form Evernote, (a writing app I used to make the chart.) Onto a public Google Document so everyone could view it easily. Please keep in mind, that I am not a medical professional, and I do not encourage anyone to self-diagnose. I used the following resources in my research for this topic. Notes on Rett Syndrome,11/10/17 Combined resources of National Institute of  neurological  disorders and stroke and

I put the information in the form of a chart so that everyone could get a better understanding of such an involved, and complex condition. I hope this information helps those who may be looking for answers for their loved ones. I love what I do, and I truly hope that what I am attempting to do with The Abler, is making the slightest positive change in someone's life. And I can not wait for what 2018 has in store for The Abler, and it's growing community. 

Best wishes,