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Sugar: The Danger Behind Sugar Addiction. General information and interview with Roxanne Melli who battles every day with it and wins!

Author's Note: Neither myself or my interview participate Roxanne are medical professionals of any kind.

Title General Information for blog post

Subject Sugar Addiction

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In moderation, sugar is essential for the body. Sugar is both a carb and a calorie. Consumed excessively it can and does lead to several health issues including, heart problems, diabetes, lack of brain power, even cancer. Sugar addiction starts when someone craves anything or anything with sugar in it. Eating sugar triggers natural opioids in the brain. These particular hormones help aid in pain, Triggered the same was as one might consume an illegal drug.
Another player involved in the addiction to sugar is a hormone called, Leptin. Leptin’s job is to tell the brain how energy from our fat (that is stored) how it should be used. It basically targets the taste respecters in your tongue which could either increase…

My Written Review Of The Online Course 31 Days Of Expressive Creative Writing For People With Chronic Illness And Chronic Pain.

I recently finished an online writing course called, 31 Days  Of Expressive Writing For Chronic Illness And Chronic Pain. I highly recommend it to anyone who deals with one or both health issues. This class will not only be therapeutic but also potentially beneficial for not only the fighter but their trusted physician and their staff. Living in such a digital-driven world these days, the patient(s) can be overlooked, I truly believe this cause could help the vast majority of medical professionals to tap into the emotional/spiritual sides of their patients- reintroducing humility back into the field of medicine. The affiliate link’s widget will be located on The Abler Blog for anyone who would like to experience the course for themselves. I’d like to personally thank the creator of the course, Esther for allowing me to participate in this course as join on as an affiliate. 
The 31 Days Of Expressive Writing for Chronic Illness And Pain Course delves into the emotional, mental and spiri…

How Keely Messino Wheels Through The "Real World."

Please introduce yourself, what do you do, and what your disability is if you feel comfortable? Hi so I’m Keely,  I have cerebral palsy which affects,  not only in the usage of my lens but also my visual processing skills and some of my  ability to pick up on social interactions.

- What do you think is different now concerning resources for adults with disabilities when it comes to regaining or keeping their independence V.S. when you were younger and the resources were more than what they are? 
A. I'm really not sure I think when I was younger  things were handled differently becauseI went to public school and so the the reality was that I was given therapy I was given counseling when I needed it and I was given new wheelchair whenever I needed one. I also had braces I got those. when I was younger I remember  being pulled out of class multiple timesso that I could be fitted for new wheelchair or new that isn't like that and I don't know if maybe the laws have cha…

A Day In The Life Of Molly Spence- How She Works With Her Disability To Spread Her Message Of Independence

First, please introduce yourself, what you do and what your disability is?
Answer: Hey, my name is Molly Spence. I am a blogger, published writer, and disability advocate. I’ve written for and managed my personal blog, Molly’s Zone fornearly three years and I’ve been involved with the independent living movement for two. My work has been featured on sites such as The Mighty, Project Wednesday, Telecom Toolbox, and Unwritten. My disabilities are: mild cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia), generalized anxiety disorder, & clinical depression.
2) Can you tell The Abler readers what 24 hours in the life of Molly Spence looks like?
Answer: Each twenty-four hour day is never the same for me; honestly, I struggle horribly with my moods and level of motivation and I’m really awful about not having a set routine in place; most of myafternoons and evenings are spent writing drafts or drumming up ideas all hours of the night. I get floods of inspiration at any given moment in time. Those hours are …

Degenerative Disc Disease What it is and what you should know

Degenerative Disc Disease. Resources for the topic are as follows: Spine And author's note I am in no way a professional of any kind. I do not believe in self-diagnosing. if you or someone you know believes that he/ she may have this condition please consult with a trusted medical professional in this area.

What is degenerative disc disease?  It is a condition that can cause pain in the spine or neck. The spine consists of 26 bones (vertebrae.)Spinal discs which act as shock absorbers between the bones in the back can wear down over time. Which can result in significant pain for someone. These spinal discs help a person in the area of flexibility. In other words, these discs help in the areas of bending And twisting. As a person gets older, they can break down.

The following is a diagram of the different types of disc problems. (Photo found on Google.) Spinal discs can wear down and tare as we age. While not everyone who experiences a breakdown of their discs…