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New Interview With Author Larissa Martin

A Note From The Founder, Jessica Niziolek

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Writer Bio: Inspirational non-fictional writer, Larissa Martin 
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Hi, everyone, my name is Larissa Martin.. I became  an independent self-published author in 2016. I came out with my first book,"Dear Anxiety"  a 5-letter series from a girl who cares and stories from people who suffer with anxiety. In that same year, I had one of my  pieces published on the writing  platform The Mighty. Since then I've had over 60 pieces published online by multiple Publications My goal is not to have people like my writing, but to learn different points of vi…

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Agoraphiba: It's not just about being too scared to leave your own home.

Author Note: Author Note: I am in no way a medical professional of any kind. If you believe you are someone you know, may have this condition please consult with your trusted medical professional. Also, I do not believe in self-self-diagnosis. 
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There are more than 200,000 US cases per year.  Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that creates fear and panic for people that they avoid places and situations that may cause them anxiety and make them feel trapped, helpless, or embarrassed. You fear actual situations in which you can anticipate what could or couldn’t happen. For example, public transportation, small/enclosed spaces, and or standing in lines/crowds. The anxiety is typically created by this overwhelming feeling that there is no way out and or no way to escape. 

    Most people develop agoraphobia after having one or more than one panic attack. Which then can cause them to worry about having another one…