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What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Author’s Note: I am not a medical professional of any kind. Please consult with your trusted medical professional for a proper diagnosis. Please do not self-diagnosis.  The Diagnoses of MS is not an easy one to hear, and you can easily feel overwhelmed. As well have many questions. But if your doctors feel that you are at risk for MS by the results of your exam, and a number of tests there are medications that can help with delaying the disease.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) MS is a disease that attacks the brain, optic nerves, and spinal cord, and Central Nervous System.There is no known cause. Relapsing or remitting MS. Is the most common form. The immune-mediated-the body attacks the central nervous system. There is still a debate going on amongst the medical field, on whether or not MS is an autoimmune disease. The prefix for auto means self. This means that the body’s immune system is reacting against normal acting proteins that stat stimulate or make a response in the body that come acr…

Pop Evil Bass Player Matt DiRito is making a difference by giving others the ultimate star treatment.

I would like to personally thank Matt, for agreeing to do this interview with me. It was an absolute pleasure! Star Treatments is an amazing foundation. And I wish Matt nothing but the absolute best going forward with his work with Star Treatments in the future. I hope everyone enjoys the interview and considers contributing to a great organization doing wonderful things for those in need of a little star treatment. Founder, Jessica
Question One: For those that have never heard of Star Treatments before, can you tell us when it was founded and what prompted you to create it? Was it based on a personal experience or just out of a desire to help others in need?

Star Treatments was properly founded in November of 2014. It took quite some time to get up and running though, so for the first year or so we focused on fundraising and social media. By the time we were able to take our first family on the road, we had a good nest egg to work with. I came up with the idea for Star Treatments a fe…

Check out the follow up to TW1TCH, and Nick Morgan's Mission to show today's generation That you can, and do recover!!!

Last month, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with rapper/opiate activist,TW1TCH to talk about the work he is now doing with Nick Morgan, the founder of Crush The Epidemic. Who are currently  on tour together speaking about how YOU DO RECOVER. This follow up piece with TW1TCH and Nick gives you a more in-depth look into their work and passion to save people from this epidemic once and for all. Founder, Jessica

The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel’. 
Last month we talked to TW1TCH and Crush The Epidemic’s Nick Morgan about the journey they would soon be embarking on. Well, the time is now! We checked in with both Nick and TW1TCH on the road this week to get some details on what the #SelfSustainedTour has been like so far for the both of them. Here’s what they had to say!!!!
So, you guys have been on the road now for almost 3 weeks. What has been one of the most memorable experiences so far for each of you?
TW1TCH: It’s all been so amazing thus far. …

What you need to know about the seizure disorder Epilepsy

Resources used in this post are as follows.

Author's not I am not a medical professional of any kind. I highly encourage anyone who believes they may have this condition to please seek further medical assistance. I also do not recommend self-diagnosis. Founder of the Abler Blog. Jessica. Resources:
What is epilepsy?  Is a central neurological disorder that creates abnormal brain activity.  With causes secures, sensations, and abnormal /unusual behavior. And sometimes a loss of awareness. 
Anyone can have epilepsy. Does not exclude because of race, gender or ethnic background or age. 
Symptoms of a seizure vary widely. Some stare blankly, lasting more than a few seconds. Others arms and legs twitch. It is important to say that just because you have had a seizure does NOT mean you h…

New Promotion Happening NOW-The Unchargeables

Happy Easter Weekend!
We are hosting an online Easter egg hunt in our shop. The winner will get an original The Unchargeables product.
Attached to this email are images you can share on social media to let your followers know about this cool activity.

This Easter weekend there is something unique going on in the chronic illness community. For all of those who are not able to celebrate and all others who just enjoy participating, The Unchargeables is hosting an online Easter egg hunt.
How does it work?
There are 10 eggs hidden in their webshop. Go to and try to find them! The person who finds the most eggs wins a prize.
How do I enter?
Email them links or screenshots to the pages where you found eggs to
That's it! You are in the race to win.
Obviously, this is time sensitive, The Easter egg hunt will take place on Sunday, April 1st all day. Yo…

New Sale happening right Now! The Uncharables Chronic illness Community


he Unchargeables has launched charm bracelets!

This unique chronic illness themed charm bracelets are perfect to raise awareness.
You can wear them yourself or get it as a gift.
We strive to provide a positive community for all chronic illness warriors. To make them feel seen. heard and understood but most importantly to make them aware that they are not alone.
The various designs show on the outside how you feel on the inside. And now you can collect them all. They also include all of The Chargimals, our chronic illness monsters.

You can offer a special 25% launch discount to your readers. Tell them to use the code "PRD25CH". The code will work on all charms and charm bracelets.

Links to use The homepage of the shop: All Charm Bracelets: Charms Only: